Q: Hey! Do I need to hire a general contractor (pool builder) to build my pool?

A: No! As a homeowner you can build the pool yourself or hire sub-contractors to do the work. You need to first obtain a city building permit using permit ready plans which include structural engineering. As a homeowner you can be the general contractor and save alot of money! This is commonly referred to as “owner-builder”.

Q: I want to have a pool builder construct my pool but each estimate I received is so different. I can’t get a “like for like” estimate. What can I do?

A: This is a common problem when you try to get an estimate without having a plan or blue print. Many pool builders offer simple designs but this does not give you a way to compare estimates. After all, you would not try to get estimates on building a house without a set of blue prints. Why try to estimate a pool without a set of plans? We can design your backyard and provide blue prints for you to obtain “like for like” estimates from a couple of local builders. Then, when you are ready to build, have the contractor make the blue print a part of the contract.

Q: Which is better, Gunite or Shotcrete?

A: Shotcrete and Gunite are two different application methods for building the shell of the pool. Shotcrete is called the “wet” method and gunite the “dry” method. Both methods will accomplish the same thing and offer a solid shell for your pool. Depending on your area one may have benefits over the other, such as cost or availability of material.

Q: If I subcontract the pool building how much can I save?

A: Generally a home owner can save 25% to 30% by subcontracting the job themselves. For example; if you were quoted $50,000 by a pool builder, you could subcontract that same pool for about $35,000.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We proudly offer our design services anywhere. For plans which require engineering we offer service to clients throughout the United States.

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