Why DIY?

Using our designs, permit ready plans, engineering, and other services saves you 25% to 30% on your project!

DIY pool design
Instead of a drawn out process or being left with a hole in your pocket book, we offer you a time saving and more affordable process to achieve the pool and backyard of your dreams. Generally a pool builder will charge 25% to 30% or more above cost to “build” a swimming pool. Guess what? Pool builder’s don’t “build” swimming pools! They manage a list of subcontractors who build the swimming pool and backyard. With our plans, building checklist and management tools you can manage your own sub-contractors and save A LOT of money!

Finish your backyard when YOU want to. Yes! You can be swimming in your backyard in 4 weeks!

4 week pool completion calendar
By using our plans and management tools you take control of the building process. We provide you with a construction timeline to follow through the entire project; along with checklists to make sure your sub-contractors are on track. With all the support you can feel confident with the entire process and keeping your sub-contractors on a timeline. And yes, you can build a swimming pool in 4 weeks!

Have the project done right the first time

DIY pool project
We believe that our success is forged through strong partnerships with you, our client, by exceeding your expectations and fulfilling your vision. We are unique in that we provide a complete solution including designs, permit ready plans, engineering and sub-contractor management solutions. We also offer other resources and help (like phone consultations) through the process. We want you to have a great experience the first time and we will do it together!

Are you still thinking about hiring a pool builder? We can help!

DIY pool system
We have a masterful design team with great vision. Let us design your backyard and turn your ideas into a blueprint. With a completed plan you can obtain “like for like” bids from several pool builders and keep the estimates competitive. Start your project by saving time and money!

Simple checklists for bidding and construction

DIY pool checklist
Our clients never have to go it alone, as we provide you with simple checklists for bidding and construction. You will find this to be a highly informative and useful resource!

Congratulations! You are a pool contractor.

DIY pool contractor
Our clients are turning into swimming pool contractors! (not literally) But they are saving a lot of money. As a homeowner you can legally build your own swimming pool by sub-contracting the different phases of construction. All you have to do is follow our simple system and you will become a pro!