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Pool Tip

You may have a pool cleaning service or you may be your own pool guy, but when the wind starts blowing you need to check the skimmer basket at least once a day. It only takes a couple of hours for the skimmer basket to completely fill up. If left for a week, waiting for…
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Pool Remodel


Congratulations Mike and Kathe!


DIY Pool Plans in Your Villa Magazine

        We are excited to publish our first ad with Your Villa Magazine. It will flood the “Foothill Cities” of Southern California this week!

How to Build Your Own Pool

The title says it all. Right? Not really. I would not recommend that you grab a shovel and start digging your pool, but there are sites where some home-owner will advertise instructions on “how to build your own pool”. He will show how he built his pool out of block and vinyl, and how it…
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Should I Build a Swimming Pool in the Winter?

I have been asked many times about building a swimming pool in the winter. The first question is always “How much can I save?” Let’s take a quick look at building your pool in the winter. As an “owner-builder”, a homeowner who is going to sub-contract the construction, you are already saving a lot of…
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Swimming Pool in Small Backyard

Swimming Pool and Spa Built into Hill

Swimming Pool and Spa with Beach Entry

Swimming Pool and Spa with Fire Pit